The Scribe – December 2020

Advent means coming. It could be the advent of Spring or the advent of a new age. But for us, Advent is the 4 week season of the church year when we await the coming of Christ into our world and into our lives. First, we hear of Jesus’ little visits as he comes to us in the ‘least of these.’ Then we’ll hear how he straightens out what is crooked and out of place in our lives. Then it’s John the Baptist who is a witness to the light of His coming. Finally, the angel comes to Mary with the astounding news of His birth. He is coming. Don’t miss any of Advent.

Come and worship in person. We have plenty of room, 6 feet apart with masks.

Come and worship in your car. Tune into 104.1 and enjoy worshipping on our property without a mask.

Worship online at Notice our improved audio and video. Tune into last week’s service at your regular worship time.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
Friday, December 24
3:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 7:30 PM
Thank you for letting us know your plans for Christmas Eve. This helps us realize we have a problem. We already have too many who want to attend our 3:30 service. We often have large numbers on Christmas Eve. This year we are limited to 25% capacity in the sanctuary as well as in the Fellowship Hall.

More guests worship at BFLC during Advent season than any other time of the year. We are convinced that God is calling us to reach out to our neighbors and this season is a great way to welcome our guests. This year, I don’t want our neighbors to hear, “There is no room for you at the inn.”

Would you consider worship at 5:30 (2/3 full now) or 7:30 (1/2 full now)? We will probably need to do reservations this year. So far we have ideas of numbers attending but no reservations. These may be online or an app. Don’t panic.

We’ll let you know more soon.

In all this remember the most important message we have to share: “Joy to the World the Lord has come!”

Youth and Family MInistries

Greetings all,
This month really seemed to rush by. As many of you are now aware we are entering into another stricter season of distancing and planning. Most of the month of November went by with little issue other than the extra steps needed to maintain safe practices. I had the opportunity to meet with many students and young adults one on one, taking them out to meals or walking around the church property together. I also had the opportunity to call, text, and video chat with other teens and young adults. Although more distanced again I am appreciative of all of the time I get to spend with our wonderful students and young adults.

Our confirmation class continued to meet in person but we are now transitioning online. I look forward to continuing our class time together, even if it is digitally.

There were several events/ activities that were planned for the end of November into December, but many of these are going to be postponed due to concerns over current events. That being said we are planning on doing some digital activities and zoom meetings together which, although distanced, will still be a good time.

Although current events will be limiting our meetings, events, and activities we are still planning on offering Sunday School and Wiggle worship through the month of December. We will also be doing smaller scale Advent activities, likely limiting these to only the students present in Sunday School, as well as continue to hold our confirmation class online.

We rest on the truth that God is still all-good and all-powerful and that He is full of love for us, His children.

For His glory, Jacob Oglesby

For additional details and to read about other BFLC happenings download the full Scribe below.