BFLC Committees

The Congregational Life Committee promotes and coordinates Church member activities and ministries that support the personal connections and fellowship of Church members in a wide range of activities. Contact: Pam Wagner.

The Education Committee runs an educational program that supports all age groups in the congregation, including instruction in First Communion, Confirmation, and Sunday School. Contact: Maureen Lang

The Evangelism Committee supports the Church in its outreach mission.  It actively assists Church members in their efforts to join Jesus in his mission to bring his Word and its comfort to others. Contact: Chris Cooper 

The Finance Committee tracks and manages Church finances.  The Committee researches and makes recommendations to the Church concerning income, expenditures, and budgeting. Contact: John Summerfield.

The Long-Range Planning Committee looks forward for the Church’s future to develop long range plans and objectives to support and grow the Church in its mission to serve Christ. Contact: Steve Lord

The Mission Endowment Committee manages the Church’s Mission Endowment Fund and its investments to further extend the Church’s mission and benevolence work.  The Committee supports a wide range of charitable causes in accordance with the Church’s mission with fund investment growth. Please review the Mission Endowment Fund brochure for more details.  MEFC_brochure revised 6_21_2021 Contact: Dave Reily. 

The Mutual Ministry Committee supports the Church in the human resource area to include staff personnel employment and compensation matters. Contact: Jim Kent.

The Property Committee is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Church property, including vehicles and the maintenance of the columbarium grounds.  They coordinate and conduct property purchases and repairs to support the Church and its mission.  Contact: Joe Dowdy

The Social Ministry Committee provides financial and volunteer benevolence support for a wide range of activities and causes related to Christ’s mission locally, regionally, and worldwide. Contact: Pam Wagner

The Stewardship Committee supports Church efforts to reflect appreciation for the time, talents, and treasures provided to its members by the Lord.  The Committee assists the Congregation in its efforts to encourage the stewardship of those gifts and to use them to further the Lord’s mission. Contact: Bob Ucman

The Worship Committee-God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the center and focus of our worship. When you enter the sanctuary on Sunday morning, what you see, hear and touch has been prayerfully coordinated by the Worship committee. Contact: Alex Olmsted Cullen                                                

The Youth Committee partners with the Youth Director by being an extension of the youth ministries mission, helping to create fun, engaging, safe experiences while also building community within the group.  Together they provide activities to include worship participation, service internal and external to our Church, fellowship activities, and personal growth through educational programs. Contact: Lisa Reginnitter