The Scribe – October 2019, Volume II

Sharing Our Gifts

How varied are our God given gifts?

We saw this at our Called to Serve fair, Sunday, October 6. We can also see it in each other. Ric Maxson, a stone mason, just finished an addition to our Columbarium. Check it out next to the outdoor worship area. He finished this on Tuesday, October 8. Then, the very next day, he left for Canada to serve a small Lutheran congregation in Granum, Alberta as their part-time pastor. God gifts each of us in unique ways. He gives us these gifts so we can share them with others. How will you share the gifts God has given you?

Commitment Sunday is November 3 – Download the Scribe (below) to see the details.

Homeless Simulation

For Middle and High School Students Wednesday, October 16

What’s it like to be homeless, to sleep on the street? Our youth group will become aware of people’s plight through a number of ‘hands on’ experiences. And it will happen right here at BFLC.

Confirmation Sunday

Sunday, October 20 at 10:30 AM. Come encourage our students as they affirm their baptism and commit themselves to its promises. Reception is at 9:30 AM.

Reformation Sunday

Returning from our trip to Germany gives new perspectives on the Reformation. What did God accomplish through this Catholic monk turned reformer? How did Martin Luther’s work reshape the church? How are our lives better because of him? Our worship and adult class will focus on the Reformation. Adult class will feature pictures from our trip of important reformation places. Remember to wear red as we celebrate Reformation Sunday, October 27.