Encouraging Words from Pastor Ken

How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters get along. Psalm 133

Spending time together is a good thing. Spending too much time together creates problems. Staying in our homes for days on end with several people in a small space is a recipe for tension and short tempers. We all experience it.

Here are some suggestions for your sanity and peace with each other.

1. Find your own space

It’s important to have a space (bedroom, basement, etc.) to go to be by yourself, undisturbed, by yourself. Respect others’ space.

2. Find your schedule         

In this time of uncertainty, plan out your time so you can know what to expect – time to wake up, study, rest, eat, socialize, play, exercise, pray. Respect others’ schedule.

3. Get exercise each day      

Even if it’s 10-15 minutes, take a walk, climb your stairs, use a stationary bike. Exercising releases tension that builds up when we’re cooped up.

4. Think before you speak      

“Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.”   James 1:19

Doing #1-3 is helpful, but patience will wear thin. When it does, think before you speak. It lessens the chance you’ll regret what comes out of your mouth.

5. Set time to pray    

On our own we will fail. Spending time with the Lord each day opens us up to his presence, his peace and patience. Galatians 5:21-22

Use a devotional booklet or the Personal Bible Index now on the church website. Give the Lord a chance to speak to you and live through you.

God bless you all in this extraordinary time.
Pastor Ken