The Scribe – July 2021

Summer Worship Schedule

One Service – 9:00am
July 4 Outside August 1 Outside
July 11 Inside August 8 Inside
July 18 Outside August 15 Outside
July 25 Inside August 22 Inside
August 29 Outside

Welcome to Pastor John

On Sunday, June 13, our congregation voted to call John Graham as our Associate Pastor of Discipleship.
Pastor John will be helping to equip us all to follow Jesus Christ and make him known to others. Fifty percent
of his time will be focused on congregation support (worship, visits, pastoral calls, etc.), and the other fifty
percent will be helping us all reach out to our neighbors (whoever God brings across our path).

Pastor John and his wife, Amanda, have two children – Adeline (13) and William (10). Please reach out and
get to know them. Pastor John will be installed at our worship service Sunday, July 11.

Joining Jesus

The risen Christ is alive and on the loose in the world. Across the hall, across the street, he is working to heal
and restore the lives of people. The amazing thing is this: He invites us to join him. He doesn’t send us out to
do his work. He invites us to join him in what he’s already doing. The pressure is off of us. He does all the
hard work. Preparing hearts, bringing people across our path at just the right place and time. Every day
someone is in need of a little grace, a little encouragement. How might you join Jesus in what he’s doing
today? It’s what we’re all about, all the time.

• Joining Jesus class resumes Sunday, July 4 after worship. Come join Steve Lord, Pastor Ken, and Pastor John in the Fellowship Hall.
• Greg Finke, author of the book “Joining Jesus on His Mission”, will be joining us via Zoom, Tuesday, July 13 @ 7:00 PM. I urge you to tune in.
Look for additional Zoom call information from Lisa soon.

Pastor Didi Panzo

It was great to see Didi & Serafina Panzo, our missionaries to the Congo, and their daughters, Nicole and Sara,
on June 18-20. They spoke of the Lord’s goodness as he is giving them opportunities to reach out to orphans,
women in abusive relationships, and families struggling to have enough to eat. Didi is serving as president of a
small seminary, preparing students to be pastors in the area. It is a privilege to know such people of faith,
such servants of our God.

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