The Scribe – September 2020, Volume I


  1. We will continue to worship outside at 9:00 AM into September as long as the weather holds.
  2. We’ll move inside probably late September-(more details later)
  3. Inside we’ll have 2 services, 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM -bringing a sense of normalcy
    -allowing more room inside and have lower risk of exposure
    -we won’t have to ask for reservations or turn people away
  4. We’ll continue social distancing and wearing masks (over nose and mouth).
    In the sanctuary, pews are marked like our outdoor worship area.
    -we ask you to avoid sitting where there is tape
    -every other pew is left open to ensure 6 ft distance
  5. The Fellowship Hall will also be available for seating with the services live streamed on a large
    TV screen and sound system. Round tables will be available for families and quiet
    activities provided for younger children.
  6. We will have a crew to disinfect both the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall between services.
  7. We know some will choose to worship in their cars or continue online.
  8. In order for this to happen – I ask you to consider the question: ‘How can I help?’
    We’ll need more ushers, assisting ministers, altar guild, cleaners and recorders.
    Please consider how you may serve.
    Sunday Classes
    Sunday classes begin Sept. 13 at 10:30 AM following our 9:00 AM outdoor service. When we move inside
    classes will be at 9:30 AM. We’ll offer our new member class and another adult class.
    There will be no Fellowship Hour, meaning no coffee and donuts.

Hello all, Jacob here!

Greetings all,

Jacob here with another month of ministry. As many of you know we are busy bringing
this summer to a close and also preparing f or Fall. This includes many things from both a youth and education
standpoint. The first of these is confirmation class. Both Pastor Ken and I have been making preparations for
class which has included working the schedule, and planning on how to have class while maintaining safe
social distancing. We are pleased to announce that we will be starting class with an introduction meeting on
September 3rd for the confirmation students and I am very much looking forward to getting to connect with
the students and getting this new class going.
This last month the youth and I got to enjoy some time together as we had an outdoor volleyball event.
We took extra precautions to make sure all of the participants felt comfortable and we ended up playing
volleyball for nearly two hours. This was followed by ice cream and a brief social time to connect. I am looking
towards using this same model to host events in the future. I have in the works a table tennis tournament as
well as some other fun outdoor activities. Keep on the lookout, you won’t want to miss them!
We are also busy at work In terms of things we want to offer in the Fall. This includes discussions on
what we will be able to provide in regards to nursery, wiggle worship, and Sunday school. At this time we
cannot offer a staff led nursery. We are not able to ensure the safety of both our volunteers as well as the
children which is our number one priority. We will offer the nursery room to families who would need it but
will remove all of the toys from the area as well as marking off areas to ensure each family was properly
distanced from other families needing to use this area as well. We will likely have the “mountain room” be an
overflow nursery area for those Sundays when we have more children than the nursery can accommodate. We
are also looking at connecting a television in the nursery room and running a cable from the camera in the
sanctuary to the television in order to play the service live for any families that need to utilize the nursery. This
will not only allow for parents to use the nursery if their children need it but will also help to involve these
families in the live service.
We will be able to offer wiggle worship and Sunday school come Fall. It will inherently look different
from what it has in the past due to current events but we believe we will be able to offer these programs for
the children both safely and effectively. If you are comfortable in these areas and would like to volunteer
please contact me and let me know.
Although there is still much work to be done I am excited to move into the Fall semester. As always I
look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store.
For His Glory,
Jacob Oglesby

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