The Scribe – November 22

From Pastor Ken

Jacob Oglesby
Most of you have heard that Jacob is taking a call to a church in Kansas. “Jacob, thank you for your good work youth and families over this almost three years at BFLC. You have been a gift to us, and we will miss you. God bless and keep you as you begin your new ministry.”

We are already scheduling leaders and teachers for youth group and Sunday school class. We are also beginning the process of filling our Youth and Family Ministry position.

Growing in the Joy of Giving
When we realize everything we have is a gift from God, we respond with joy and thanksgiving. Our lives begin to reflect God’s goodness. We reflect less anxiety and more trust – trust that he will provide.

Each Sunday we will hear reflections on stewardship from our members. We ask you to pray about your estimate of giving and turn it in as we all grow in the joy of giving.

New Sunday Class!
Healthy Parenting From a Biblical Perspective Being a parent is an amazing and challenging experience. No parent is perfect, but we can learn much from the bible. Join me in the sanctuary at 9:30a beginning Sunday, November 6.

Thanksgiving Eve Worship
Wednesday, November 23 @ 7:00p
Join us as we gather to thank God for his goodness. Bring non-perishable food to bring up to the altar in our processional offering. This year we will hear Duane Steinke, longtime BFLC member and leader, reflect on what he is thankful for.

Having just returned to the Congo, our missionary, Didi Panzo, invites us to help a mission congregation there. These Lutherans who walk miles to worship are building a roof in time for the rainy season. $1,500 will purchase the necessary lumber and metal sheeting. Mark your donation “roof”

From Jacob Oglesby, Youth and Family Ministries Director

Hello All,

I hope this email finds you well. I have found it an absolute pleasure to serve with you and alongside you for these last years. My first Sunday here I sat in the very back and already began to feel right at home. I saw Pastor Ken lead us in worship and I knew from the very beginning that you were a special people. As we have grown closer these last couple of years, I found this to be true in abundance. Working with our little ones, the youth, and the young adults has been absolutely life giving to me. We have a special group in them.

I began my time here in early 2020 and after a very short time Covid hit, I saw very few people in person for months, but I cherished the opportunities to meet and connect. This past year has also been particularly challenging as well. So, it is with a heavy but excited heart I wanted to inform you all that a new opportunity has come my way. I have been offered the position of associate pastor at a church closer to family. After much prayer, fasting, and seeking wise counsel I have accepted the call at this church. I want to thank those of you who have offered me love, care, and friendship over these last years. I will always hold you deep in my heart.

My hope and prayer are that you continue to support Pastor Ken, Lisa, and the other hardworking staff of this church. Their leadership, selflessness, and love for this congregation is unmatched. I find myself both thankful and grateful that the Lord brought me here to serve in these seasons of ministry. My last day will be November 10, so I look forward to seeing you at the party!

For His glory,
Jacob Oglesby

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