The Scribe – November 2019, Volume II

Spiritual Orphans

What is it like to be persecuted for your faith in Jesus Christ? What is it like to have to meet secretly to worship or study the bible? For 50 years Lutherans in Easter Europe were persecuted under communism. Churches were closed. Bibles were banned. Those who shared their faith were sent to Siberia. In time, people forgot about God. But God didn’t forget about them. Today Lutheran Christians gather in Latvia, Slovenia, Ukraine. Small groups of them, hungry to hear about Jesus Christ. Hungry because they are spiritual orphans with no parents to teach and mentor them in the Christian faith. But the Lord hasn’t forgotten. He is raising up Christian spiritual parents, brothers and sisters to come along side to encourage them to follow Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, November 17, we’ll hear what God is doing for spiritual orphans through people like you and me and Eastern European Mission Network. Plan on coming for adult class at 9:30 AM to hear more from Pastor David Breidenbach.


We gather on Wednesday evening November 27 to give thanks to God for all he has given us. During our Thanksgiving Eve worship, we will have a processional offering of nonperishable food to be given to those who are struggling. Come.

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