The Scribe – November 2019, Volume I


If you continue in my word you, are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus, John 8 “Continue” is the word we’ve heard the past 2 Sundays. “Continue in what you have learned and believed “ says Apostle Paul “Continue in my word” says our Lord Jesus to each of us. Is it any wonder that Martin Luther wanted people to read the bible themselves in there own language? He labored to translate the bible so it was accessible to anyone—the woman at home, the children on the street, the men in the market place. He chose words they could understand so they could hear God’s call, his promise, his good news for themselves. They only way to continue as Christ’s followers or disciples is to continue in his word. It is his word that calls, gathers, sends, forgives, heals and makes us new. When, this week, will you spend time in his word?

All Saints Sunday – November 3

Saints aren’t perfect people. Rather the words ‘holy’ and ‘sanctified’ simply mean set apart for a specific purpose. Saints are those set apart by God for his purpose. And what’s God’s purpose for each of us? To help make this world a better place. To encourage, forgive, help, reflect the hope that is in us, to point others to the Lord.

Commitment Sunday – November 3

We focus our attention on that purpose. As followers of the One who himself for us, we give back with ourselves, our time, and our possessions. This year we set our sites on calling an associate pastor. This one will spend considerable time focusing our attention on how we can live out our God given purpose: being everyday missionaries in the familiar places of life – school, work, and neighborhood.

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