The Scribe – May 2020, Volume II


May Questions
Why all the moths?
We’re hosting the miller family at our house. Thousands of them! The millers are migrating from Kansas to the Rocky Mountains. The moths are definitely a nuisance, but they will be an important protein source for bears – yes bears – waking up from their winter hibernation. So, send them outside and on their way, it helps to know they’re here for a purpose.

How are the congregation’s finances?
Our finance committee tells me that our March and April offerings were similar to the same months last year. Thank you all for your financial faithfulness during this unusual time.

When will we gather for worship?
I believe we’ll be able to gather again in June. We may be limited in number and by distance, but we are looking at options to help us do this.
– Our outdoor worship area will allow us greater room and flexibility.
– When we are inside, we’ll use every other pew & space by family.
– We can also have people worship in the parking lot in their cars receiving the audio on their FM radio (as we did at Rich Byrne’s Funeral)
– We’ll also continue our audio/video options.
We’ll have many other details, but hold on, and we’ll gradually open up and worship together.

Hello one and all, Jacob here!
To start us off we had a fun and creative event that took place the 8th and 9th of this month. Families and friends of the church came out and participated in our Parking Lot Chalk Art Contest. You can jump online to our website to see some of the entries, but I was overjoyed to see creativity in action. Hopefully, the beautiful murals will last for weeks to come.

If you find yourself around the church, you should stop by and take a look. We had 6 different categories and named a winner for each category. Thank you to all who came out and participated and to those who didn’t win a category don’t worry we will have plenty more events coming this summer as well!
The winners for this event are:
First Impression: Shannon Kosman
Biblical Narrative: The Isley Family
Originality: Lily and Michael Carlson
Use of Color: Rebekah Hohag and the Young Adult Group
Creativity: Brian Gould
Complexity: Pam Wagner

As many of you also know we have switched to a completely online format for doing church services, Bible
studies, and wiggle worship, all of which are available online on our website. Although not ideal I have enjoyed doing the children’s sermons as well as youth Bible studies, weekly online check in’s, and confirmation classes with the Pastor and the kids. It is a constant encouragement to know that even in difficult times there is still a passion to both learn and teach the Gospel. I am constantly thankful that I get to be a part of that passion lived out through BFLC every week.

Also, in looking forward we have some great things on the horizon. The first of which is a Senior Honoring service that we are planning for May 30. We understand that the seniors have lost some capstone moments and we are wanting to give back in a service that is designed to honor their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. Be on the lookout for this event as well as other events that will be coming this summer.

Finally, I was informed that the Girl Scout troop that some of our teens are involved in has chosen Black Forest Cares to be their hometown hero, honoring them with a donation of cookies. This is yet another reminder than in dark and uncertain times our light can shine that much brighter. So, I want to say a special thank you to those who work diligently in good times and bad to provide for others and for letting your light shine.
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For additional BFLC happenings in May download the full Scribe below.