The Scribe – March 2022

From Pastor Ken

Ash Wednesday Worship
Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00PM
Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. It is the service when a cross of ashes is traced on our foreheads to remind us that we aren’t on earth forever. Our lives will end sooner or later. It’s helpful to remember that, while we are limited, our God is not.
Our lives are truly in His hands.

Wednesdays in Lent
The Longest Journey: From Head to Heart
Biblical people encountering God’s transforming love. It’s easy to say we believe in God. It’s quite another thing to believe him. During Lenten Wednesday worship, we’ll hear of people in the Bible who moved from knowing that God
exists to knowing him, trusting him, following him.

We’ll look at 7 people in the Bible:
March 2 – Epileptic’s Father –  Mark 29 – Ash Wednesday
March 9 – Abraham – Genesis 15
March 16 – Jacob – Genesis 33
March 23 – David – Psalm 51
March 30 – Elijah – 1 Kings 19
April 6 – Paul – Acts 9
April 14 – Peter – John 21 –  Maundy Thursday
Join us as we gather for soup and bread supper at 6:00PM. Sign-up in the Fellowship Hall to bring food. Then at 7:00 PM, our worship is in the context of the peaceful Holden Evening Prayer service with song, silence, and prayer.
We will focus on moving from our head to heart, trusting him.

Sunday School Class
Hot Topics from a Biblical Perspective
These days it seems everything is up for grabs. How do we know what’s true? What insight does the Bible give us on such topics as:
• Creation/evolution
• Our role in the care of the earth
• Our identity and worth
• Gender issues/preferred pronouns
• The value of life – birth to death
• And more…
Join Pastor Ken Sundays at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary.

From Pastor John

What Happened to Fasting?
What ever happened to fasting during the season of Lent or otherwise? Just like prayer and giving to the poor, fasting is something Jesus commands us (Matt. 6:16-18, 9:15). Imagine if we neglected prayer or giving to the poor. Well, if you imagine that would be sinful, the same applies to neglecting the spiritual discipline of fasting. The Church has always practiced fasting, especially during Lent, and for those of us who have forgotten about it, now is a good time to remember.

So, what is fasting? Fasting is the voluntary giving up of certain foods, the reduction of portions of food, or the complete giving up of food, all for a specific purpose for a specific time. While it normally refers to food, there are many other things a person can fast from. Traditionally these would also include alcohol or marital relations. However, today one might also fast from television, social media, or other such things.
What is the benefit of fasting? Fasting doesn’t earn for ourselves merit or the forgiveness of sins. What fasting does do is teach our bodies and desires of the flesh that they are not our boss (see 1Cor6:20). It is a way of learning greater self-control, helps us in prayer, can increase our virtues while reducing our vices, and many other benefits. It must be noted that not everyone should fast from food, such as those underweight, the very young or old, and those with otherwise compromised health. Also worth noting is that since fasting is a voluntary practice, one is not guilty of sin if they break a fast. Much like if the phone rings during prayer, one can pick right up where they left off or just start again another time.

So, I ask you to consider for this season of Lent: What would you like to give up? Eat only 2 meals a day? Give up meat? Don’t drink alcohol except for communion on Sundays? Stay off Facebook? Whatever you decide I pray this ancient biblical spiritual discipline will prove a blessing for you and those around you. One last thing, remember that Sundays are not part of the 40 days of Lent.
-Pastor John Graham

From Jacob Oglesby – Director of Youth and Family Ministries

Greetings all,
Throughout the month of February, we had quite a lot going on in the life of the church. Not only did we continued to offer our regular class sessions (which are every Sunday and Wednesday), but we hosted some major events as well. Those included our Sweetheart Dinner, Lock-in, anniversary celebration  interviews, annual meeting, and Souper bowl donation event. We always look forward to these and it just so happened that they fell on the same month! Thank to all the volunteers who had helped run one or more of these programs or events – you truly are appreciated! We could not have done this without you!

Along with our weekly set meetings and larger events with the youth I am still connecting with the students on a regular basis, including both youth and young adults. Our Sunday School is from 9:30-10:15 AM, youth group every Sunday evening from 6:00-7:30 PM, and one young adult meeting every month. I also meet with at least two students or young adults for dinner/coffee at least once every month depending on schedules. If you are a member of our youth or young adult group and would like to meet for coffee or a meal, all you have to do is ask – it’s on me!

For our big events we had our youth Lock-in which was first weekend in February. We had our Souper Bowl donation event that was led by the youth in which we received $589.85 and 135 pounds of food. We also had our annual sweetheart dinner on February the 26th. The youth are also participating in interviewing some of our founding members of the congregation for a part of the anniversary celebration. I am so proud of our youth and their parents for not only balancing their normal crazy schedules but also emphasizing the toughness of their spiritual journey together as a community as well.

On top of our youth that is running at full speed we have also continued to run our regular educational programming. We offer both Sunday School and Wiggle Worship and we have had a great time in planning and running these classes in the past and are excited that we get to continue offering them. Sunday School is from 9:30 -10:15 AM, and the ages are Pre-K – 5th grade with Maureen Lang, 6th – 12th grade with me, and all others are with Pastor Ken or Pastor John.

Wiggle Worship is after the children’s message in the second service and is for 3–7-year-olds and is led by Amy Churchill. Dave Wintermute also begins both Sunday School and Wiggle Worship with a magic show. The children receive an age appropriate lesson and be returned to their parents around the time of the sharing of peace and offering.

We have had great participation in these classrooms, and I look forward to seeing these groups grow. Not only in numbers and participation but also in their walk with the Lord.

For His glory,
Jacob Oglesby

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