The Scribe – June 2022

From Pastor Ken

Summer Worship Schedule
Starts Sunday, June 5
One service at 9:00am
Outdoor worship begins Sunday, June 19

Inside: June 5, June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21

Outside: June 19, July 3, July 17, July 31, August 14, August 28


Our missionary to the Congo, Didi Panzo, will be with us for the weekend of June 17-19. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss what God is doing among the people of Boma, the orphans and farmers, as well as at the Bible School where Didi is teaching. We do not know yet if his wife, Serafina, will be able to join him. She is recovering from a stroke and receiving physical therapy on the east coast.

From Pastor John

Today I went to the store. As usual I thought my outing was all about me. But a fellow, as I was exiting the store, held the door open for me in humility. For a reason I do not know I felt compelled that I should give this fellow $20, very specifically. While he held the door open for me and I exited I asked him how his day was going. He gave me an honest answer in that things were not going well for him at all. I implored him to speak with me when he was done with the store.

He taught me that he had lost his mother recently, his girlfriend was sick with covid, and he just buried his father this week. I heard him. Then I gave him the $20 out of my wallet that I was initially compelled to do so, telling him that it was just a weird thing I felt compelled to do because of Jesus Christ. He thanked me and told me that he was budgeting his last dollars in such and such a way and offered to give me change for what he actually needed. I just told him that God loved him and would take care of him. Clearly, I do not know his circumstances fully. He never asked me for anything but was so thankful for such a small gift, which was compelled on my part by God.

Sometimes this happens. We are given a compelling directive from God, and it is good that we fulfill it. That might be the best $20 I ever spent, but I will not know probably until Christ comes back to earth.

That fellow was a Christian, according to what he confessed to me. If I question God, it would only be to why He didn’t incline me to give $1000 dollars to him. But as he said he just needed less than $20 and offered to give me change.

Jesus is out there folks. All He asks us to do is join Him on His Mission. Be sharp to the needs of others and God will give you wisdom on how to deal with it.

Pastor John

From Jacob Oglesby, Youth and Family Ministries Director

Hello all,
For many, the month of May brings with it hopeful expectation. Things such as school coming to an end for the summer, maybe a vacation day or two to see God’s beautiful creation or to spend time with loved ones, and for us here at BFLC getting outside for our summer worship services. For me, I’ve always enjoyed watching the flowers begin to bloom. So much time, energy, effort, and care that finally pays off. The sweet fragrances fill the air, and the colors show off God’s beauty and creativity. As we walk through neighborhoods and parks these next months, maybe we take an extra minute to stop and smell the roses… why not? Just as these flowers have been planted and are being used to show God’s glory, so too are we. God has planted us where we are, for whatever reason. May this be the season that we grow where God has planted us, that we bloom and show His glory, and that our love for one another be like a sweet fragrance as well.

For His glory,
Jacob Oglesby

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