The Scribe – August 2019, Volume II

From Pastor Ken Hohag
Pastor in Residence
It is our privilege to have Pastor Tsena Dinssa from Ethiopia with us at BFLC for the next few months. Pastor Tsena has served congregations in Texas and Wyoming and previously served in the area of development for the Mekane Jesus church in Ethiopia. As Tsena seeks to learn and grow from his time with us, his gifts of prayer, faith, and discipleship will be of benefit to us. He will arrive next week. If you would like to host Tsena in your home for a week or 2, please let me know.

During our national NALC Convocation last week, I was able to have lunch with Bishop Yonas of the Mekane Jesus Lutheran Church of Ethiopia. They are the largest Lutheran church body in the world, with 9.3 million members. Interestingly, they’ve stopped using the term church member, and instead use the word disciple. What is a disciple? Bishop Yonas says: A disciple is one who is: 1. Devoted to God’s word 2. Faithful in praying 3. Consistent in worship 4. Sharing their faith

Are these familiar? It’s what we do. Worship weekly, read the bible daily, pray a lot. Now we will focus more on #4. How to share our faith and reflect Jesus’ light in everyday situations.

Outdoor Movie Night – Friday, August 16 – 6:30 PM
Church Picnic – Sunday, August 25 – 10:30 AM
Final Outdoor Worship – Sunday, September 1 – 9:00 AM

Continue to pray for our associate pastor call process.

From Rebecca Hohag, Interim Youth and Family Ministries Director
Car Care and Campfire: August 21 – Come learn some invaluable service and repair skills to keep your car running and safe! Led by Bart Ewers. And smores to follow. Starts at 6:00 PM!

Rally Day: August 25 – Kick off into the fall programs with an interactive 10 Commandments game! Fun for the whole family, all ages welcome! Sign up to lead one commandment: families and senior high especially!

Also Annual Church Picnic: one and all welcome! Facepainting, sidewalk chalk and cornhole!

Marion House: August 31st 14 and up! Sign up for a priceless opportunity to serve the needy in Colorado Springs. See Rebecca with questions: waiver required. See Marion House website!

7 – 9th Graders: Confirmation classes start Sept 4th at 6:00 PM.
Initial Intro Meeting for all students &parents beginning or returning to Confirmation this fall. Get here when you can: acolyte training and important details!

Sunday School: Starts Sunday, September 8th at 9:30 AM! Music, Magic and Mess returns! Special HS Senior COMPASS Program kickoff in basement at 9:30.

La Puente & Sand Dunes trip: September 20 – 23rd Middle Schoolers: Great chance to serve and learn about where our food comes from. See Rebecca for details!​

For more details and other August stories, download the Scribes below!