The Scribe

From Pastor Ken

Summer Worship Schedule

Starts Sunday, June 4
One Service – 9:00am

June 4:  Indoor, 11:  Indoor, 18:  Outdoor, 25:  Indoor

July 2:  Outside, 9:  Indoor, 16:  Outside, 23:  Indoor, 30:  Outside

August 6:  Indoor,  13:  Outside,  20: Indoor, 27:  Outside Picnic

Vacation Bible School
June 12 – 16
See page 2 for additional information.
Invite your neighbors

Thank you to everyone who made our new playground a reality. So many of you have been generous with your time, work, and financial gifts. We will see the playground installed in late June after VBS.

As you are on vacation this summer, traveling to various destinations, remember to take time to worship.  Stop in at a church on Sundays. If that isn’t possible, take your bible and keep up with the readings we will be hearing at BFLC. Focus on Matthew 9-16 and Romans 4-14

In Christ,

Pastor Ken Hohag

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