REVIVE! – Recap from April 30, 2022

Thriving Through Our Life Seasons

The women of Black Forest Lutheran Church sponsored a morning to refresh, rejuvenate and revive MINDS, BODIES and SPIRITS at the Spring REVIVE! Event!

Jacob Oglesby, one of our distinguished panelists, with 14+ years of professional family ministry experience and education dove into how to have better communication with your spouse, family, and even friends. Jacob also shared how to understand new cultures and how to be better equipped to handle the communications and conflict challenges that come along with it. You can download his presentation slides below.

Jan Duncan, an Ordained Southern Baptist Pastor, served the past 30+ years primarily as a Chaplain and also served as a Director of Ministries for 12 years. Jan has conducted countless grief group sessions in hospitals, churches and community settings. Jan shared insights on grief and methods for not only coping, but actually recovering from loss.

As women, we’re frequently tempted to stretch ourselves thinner and thinner. Patsy Wurster led a a self-assessment and discussion on techniques we can use to take better care of ourselves as we take care of others. The assessment is attached below. You can share with your loved ones also.

Aside from the wonderful presentations and break-outs we also enjoyed music, food and had plenty of time to get to know each other.

For information on our next REVIVE! Event – Send an email to [email protected] or contact Lisa at 719-495-2221