Passion/Palm Sunday

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Hymn: All Glory, Laud, and Honor


All glory, laud, and honor to you redeemer, king,

To whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring.


You are the king of Israel and David’s royal Son,

Now in the Lord’s name coming, our King and Blessed One.


The Reading of the Lord’s Passion John 12, 18-19

Hymn:  Ah, Holy Jesus

Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended that we to

judge thee have in hate pretended?  By foes derided,

by thine own rejected, O most afflicted.

Closing Hymn:  My Song is Love Unknown

My song is love unknown, my savior’s love to 

me, love to the loveless shown that they might

lovely be.  Oh, who am I that

for my sake my Lord should take frail flesh and die?

My Lord should take frail flesh and die?