The BFLC Jubilee directory is:

  • private and has limited its access to current church members only. 
  • fully and completely operated by the BFLC Jubilee Team. 
  • secure and the information is never open to the public or sold or provided to any other party.


The Jubilee Project by NALCNetwork was conceived and founded with one singular purpose:  To claim the digital space so very present in our world for Christ, and to build up His Church.  Recognizing that none of the existing social media (actually “anti-social media”) platforms are intended to serve the Church but exist for profit, mostly from data harvesting in several forms, NALCNetwork started to build, as their first new and unique service, JubileeOCS (“Jubilee”).

What is Jubilee?

In its core design and rollout of this version, Jubilee presents itself as an online church directory, organized around the people, families, leaders, and groups that make up our church.  Yet, Jubilee is not simply a listing of various people and groups, it is also a foundation for future growth in digital services for the church.  Already Jubilee includes group management, targeted email communication with member and groups, and the ability to display information for those who have accounts.   There are no complicated passwords to remember as Jubilee uses a “magic link” technology, much like financial institutions use, to provide access, and also as a security feature.

Is Jubilee Safe?

We all worry about security online. We should. The NALCNetwork devotes a lot of time and energy and resources to preventative cyber security and Jubilee has been built with that in mind. The NALCNetwork does not share our data center for Jubilee with any other; it is strictly dedicated to the NALC and the congregations in the NALC. Jubilee only allows access to identified members who are included and approved by our church staff.  The information in Jubilee is not open to advertisers, or any outside parties for any purpose, ever.

In addition, we protect those under thirteen years old. Of course they participate in the life of the church, but they cannot have direct access to the system of Jubilee, and are connected only through their family.


Please let the Church office know when:

  • You or a member of your family is admitted to the hospital or experiencing medical problems.
  • You have a new address and/or a new telephone number or email address.
  • You are going to have a baby.
  • A member of your family leaves for college or establishes a new residence.
  • A separation or divorce occurs.
  • The church can assist you in any way.

Church Office Weekday Hours

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM –  Tuesday – Thursday

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Friday

The office is closed on Mondays.

Contact us at: (719) 495-2221 or [email protected]

Summer Sunday Worship Hours 

9:00 AM ( June – August)