Pastor Ken Hohag

12455 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
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The Dictionary defines Evangelism as (1) the spreading of Christianity or  (2) a great
enthusiasm, fervor or zeal for a particular cause.   BFLC lives this out through welcoming
visitors, sponsoring new members and community outreach.

Perhaps the biggest change is dispersing Benevolence Dollars to the appropriate sources
at the church level rather than synod level.  BFLC has accepted this approach with great
enthusiasm, fervor and zeal hopefully bringing the needs of various groups directly into
the hands and hearts of our congregation.  One only needs to look to helping fund a car
for Pastor Didi in Ecuador, hearing the plight of the Oromo Evangelical Church in Denver
and the continuing concern for congregation of Pastor Eddie Perez in Miami, FL to realize
these needs can become an ongoing process for BFLC in its continuing goal to spread the
Word of Christ to the Local, Regional, and Global Community.