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Either the congregation as a whole or the church council make all the significant
financial decisions for BFLC.  However, a smaller working group must gather the
information required to make those decisions and manage the on-going income,
expenses and outreach of the congregation.

·The Finance Committee is that group.

·The church treasurer elected by the church council and the volunteer financial secretary
  are always two members of the Finance Committee.

·Other members of the congregation who take an interest in the financial
 management of BFLC's income and assets are welcome to volunteer for the
 committee.   Most recent committee size has been five or six members.

The church treasurer (it may be with the assistance of a paid or member volunteer accountant)

·keeps the books

·pays the bills

·distributes the congregation's outreach benevolence as directed.

The financial secretary

·receives pledges

·keeps a record of the contributions received

·supplies both historical data and income projections to assist in planning each year's budget.

All the other committees of the congregation submit to the Finance Committee their
annual budget requests for their respective functions.

Then the committee as a whole

·produces a recommended budget each year

·oversees the execution of the approved budget.

A separate ad hoc audit committee audits each year's financial records, which
have also been reviewed periodically by the Finance Committee throughout the