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What does STEWARDSHIP mean at Black Forest Lutheran Church?

As a Christ-centered and service-oriented family, we do our best to support a variety of ministries. Our Stewardship impacts people both across the globe and here locally. It is an ongoing education effort to help people of all ages in our congregation understand that they each have a personal responsibility to care for God’s creation and all the wondrous gifts that He has provided.

We value all forms by which people give; as the old-saying goes "time, talents, and tithes are all to the glory of God." We all are thankful for the food that we are provided, and many of us express our sense of Stewardship by helping those who do not have enough to eat. We are thankful for our good health, and many of us express our Stewardship by helping those who have health challenges. The gift of a positive comment may grow into a life-long positive attitude. The gift of your talents may grow to inspire others. Even the small gift of a warm smile may grow into a sunny day.

The ministries 83% of our members participate and support reach out locally to places like the Marian House Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Mosaic, regionally to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Cristo Rey church in El Paso, La Puente in Alamosa and globally to the Hunger Train, Mosquito nets in Africa and many more. There is real passion for the privilege of being the hands of Christ reaching out to others in need.

If you have an interest in joining the Stewardship Committee, please let the front office know. A person could travel far before meeting a more imaginative and fun group of people than our Stewardship group. Or, if you are interested in learning more about our ministries in places like Denver, El Paso, Miami, Pine Ridge-South Dakota (Native American ministry), Ecuador, and Ethiopia, please don't hesitate to ask. Black Forest Lutheran Church has long been known for service. As a family we know that all we have is a gift from our Savior-it is our joy to share these gifts.