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 March 3 - News from Didi Panzo

Biblical Archaeology-Where Jesus Walked

Is a 5 week series offered by Black Forest Lutheran Church on Wednesday evenings beginning February 25, at 7:00p to 7:45p.

Pastor Ken Hohag, a student of biblical archaeology, recently returned from his fourth trip to the Holy Land. He will show how recent archaeological finds shed light on Jesus' ministry around the Sea of Galilee.

We'll travel from Capernaum, the center of Jesus ministry to Bethsaida, where Jesus walked on water and healed the blind. We'll visit the site of Peter's house and see a 2000 year old boat unearthed from the shore.

This will be in the context of a brief, peaceful, worship service.

Come & See

March 4        Peter's House- Jesus' home away from home

March 11     Ancient Boat- Is it the boat Jesus used?

March 18     Bethsaida- Jesus walked on water there

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